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I am writing this blog from a radical political point of view. To be a political radical is to examine everything critically. It is about taking today's news, today's unmentioned news, history, or even just the way we think about ideas, and adding a totally new perspective to them. If you are a radical, and a socialist, like me, you will agree with a lot of what I have to say. If not, I hope I at least make you think about things that you previously took for granted. Most of all, I hope everyone enjoys this blog.

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I have just graduated from college, where I wrote opinion pieces for my school newspaper. Though I started out a liberal, I have moved far to the left since then. Despite my politics being different from most people, many people found a lot of what I had to say interesting and insightful. I hope to continue challenging people to think here on my blog.

Monday, August 17, 2009

One more thing About Health Care Reform

I'm putting this in a separate post since the other one is so long. Needless to say, healthcare is a big issue.

Anyway, the current system and any reforms that Obama proposes, empower management over the working class. They can keep lower wages while offering health care as a trump card. A job that offers health insurance might be more desirable than a job that with better wages and conditions but no health insurance. With a single payer system, healthcare is taken out of the hands of employers entirely. This makes it easier for workers to negotiate for fairer wages and better conditions, since they no longer have to worry about health insurance.


  1. Have you noticed Lee, that the financial sector is getting a pass at the moment while we pretend to talk about health care reform?

    And don't people realize that the taxes we pay at the local level (ie. real estate taxes) would be lower if we weren't paying for teachers' health care in our local school systems? Last time I checked teachers' health care was more costly than their salaries.

    And we haven't mentioned the real cost of drugs. If you were not covered, your Copaxone medication to keep your MS at bay would cost $30,000 a year. Ironically, when you look at the major cost expenditures of the pharmaceutical industry, research is not on the top of the list. Advertising is quite a bit above it!

  2. I agree with everything you say.

    The problem is that we need to talk about both health care and the financial sector for the same reason. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has distracted us from finance, while completely framing the healthcare debate and moving it away from single payer. When we let issues be framed by the media and whatever party we are loyal to, we lose.