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I am writing this blog from a radical political point of view. To be a political radical is to examine everything critically. It is about taking today's news, today's unmentioned news, history, or even just the way we think about ideas, and adding a totally new perspective to them. If you are a radical, and a socialist, like me, you will agree with a lot of what I have to say. If not, I hope I at least make you think about things that you previously took for granted. Most of all, I hope everyone enjoys this blog.

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I have just graduated from college, where I wrote opinion pieces for my school newspaper. Though I started out a liberal, I have moved far to the left since then. Despite my politics being different from most people, many people found a lot of what I had to say interesting and insightful. I hope to continue challenging people to think here on my blog.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Health Care Fiasco

Here is what you'll rarely find, an accurate rundown of the healthcare bill. Here is a Fact Sheet created by Jane Hamsher of FDL Action: http://fdlaction.firedoglake.com/2010/03/19/fact-sheet-the-truth-about-the-health-care-bill/

To this I only have a few comments to add. They are claiming this bill covers 30 million Americans. What part of "mandate" do they want us not to understand? It'd be exactly like if the government forced us all to buy Toyota's due to their accelerator problems, and then told us that they'd "given" every American a Toyota.

Secondly, many liberals (though not all, such as the organization I sent) have fallen completely in line. Commenters on the Huffington Post are declaring victory (and they're usually to the left of the posters). The argument of supporters basically goes like this: "healthcare" has been passed. Obama has had a "victory." The Teabaggers are dead! Let's all celebrate! There is no argument being made in this, other than loyalty to the Democratic Party. No liberal would have supported the same bill if Bush had tried to pass it. And lest we pretend that no conservative would have tried to pass it, this bill is similar to the "universal coverage" Mitt Romney signed into law in Massachusetts.

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